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Nicotine Addiction Is Not a Problem of the Past

Smoking is still a global public health threat and despite having medication for decades, we’ve yet to eradicate this global epidemic.


of cancer deaths in the U.S. are attributed to cigarette smoking


U.S. Deaths Nationwide


Americans Live with Smoking- Related Disease

Let’s face it. Current treatments are failing. We’re here to change that.

While the majority of people who smoke in the US say they would like to quit and more than half make an attempt, only a tiny percentage of quit attempts are successful. No new smoking cessation treatments have been FDA approved since 2006. With only two non-nicotine FDA-approved smoking cessation treatments, there are still no approved treatments specifically for e-cigarette smoking cessation.



Derived from natural sources, cytisinicline is a potential new treatment for nicotine dependence, including smoking and vaping.

Helping smokers quit… with minimal side effects

In a recent trial, cytisinicline has been shown to effectively help even highly dependent smokers stop smoking. Cytisinicline binds to the same receptors as nicotine to reduce both withdrawal symptoms and satisfaction associated with smoking. And since it doesn’t bind as strongly to certain receptors, it is believed to have less potential to cause side effects—including nausea and vomiting.


Trial participants had over 90% compliance with cytisinicline treatment

About Achieve

Achieve is a specialty pharmaceutical company committed to advancing cytisinicline as a widely available treatment option to help people battling nicotine dependence.



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